Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis reseacher and startup founder

Projects - Windows Mobile

    InitFlashFilesFix Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    A tool for OSBuilder-based kitchens that fixes InitFlashFiles issues

    Ultra3D for HTC HD2 Windows Mobile

    • C, Assembler

    The HTC HD2 driver which improves framerate in OpenGLES applications.

    Sliding Sound service Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Hardware keyboard slide in/slide out sounds on SE XPERIA X1

    StartMenuLayout Windows Mobile

    • C#

    Choose between "hexagonal" layout and "grid" Start Menu layout on Windows Mobile.

    Squared Grid Start Menu Windows Mobile

    • Assembler

    A modification to Windows Mobile start menu that it makes it squared instead of hexagonal.

    Device Selector Windows Mobile

    • C#

    The tool for OSBuilder-based WM6 kitchens that allows changing the active device.

    ScrollingMod Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    Customizable Physics Engine for Windows Mobile 6.5. It allows changing various constants used when calculating scrolling in Start Menu and some other menus.

    Night Mode Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Decrease backlight beyond limits on SE XPERIA X1 to facilitate reading at night.

    XPERIA X1 display driver tearing fix Windows Mobile

    • Assembler

    The XPERIA X1 display driver had critical bugs which introduced stutter/tearing. This fix removes the stutter and makes the work much more comfortable.

    Overclock Manager Windows Mobile

    • C++

    A graphical interface for SE XPERIA X1 overclocking.

    leddev Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Advanced LED patterns on SE XPERIA X1

    Lock service Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Automatic locking of SE XPERIA X1 device so that it doesn't hang.

    cpudev (XPERIA X1 overclocking) Windows Mobile

    • C++, Assembler

    A run-once tool for SE XPERIA X1 overclocking. It was integrated to Dynamics ROM and was running automatically.

    ImgfsFromDump for OSBuilder Windows Mobile Highlights

    • C++

    A very fast multi-threaded ImgfsFromDump for Windows Mobile used in OSBuilder.

    HTCVolumeControlProxy Windows Mobile Open-source

    • C, C++

    Fix HTCVolumeControl in Windows Mobile 6.5.x on older HTC devices

    AndroidLauncher Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    A minor tool from Dynamics ROM which auto starts Android by pressing the link in the start menu.

    uTask Windows Mobile Highlights

    • C, C++, C#

    A sophisticated softkey reassignment tool for Windows Mobile 6.5.x. Also, fix position of old application windows completely automatically.

    xwinkey Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Configurable X button with LED effects on SE XPERIA X1

    Snooze Service Windows Mobile

    • C++

    Better alarm handling on Windows Mobile. Try avoiding common failures observed on SE XPERIA X1.

    Camera Launcher Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    A minor tool in Dynamics ROM that replaces Sony Ericsson camera and allows changing default camera application.

    VibrationSrv Windows Mobile

    • C

    The service in Dynamics ROM replaces not so useful silent mode with vibration mode.

    Music identification client Windows Mobile

    • C#

    The application for Windows Mobile that used external servers to identify the information about played music, such as title, artist, album, genre, etc.

    HTCSensorSDK for Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Windows Mobile Open-source

    • C

    HTCSensorSDK is widely used across different Windows Mobile applications and games. It allows using accelerometer data. This is the port of HTC's library to Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 (non-HTC platform).

    Bluetooth Switch Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    A minor tool from Dynamics ROM which changes the state of Bluetooth.

    WiFi Switch Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    Minor tool from Dynamics ROM which changes the state of WiFi.

    ShutdownMenu Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    Shutdown menu override. Enable flashlight, bluetooth, wifi, open camera/email/phone/etc by long press of Power Off button.

    ManilaSDK Windows Mobile

    • C#

    A small implementation of HTC Sense-style controls for Windows Mobile, used in projects across Dynamics ROMs

    TaskbarService Windows Mobile

    • C++

    The tool which colorizes taskbar during calls and other events.

    AlphaUC Windows Mobile

    • C#

    First-boot customization tool for Windows Mobile 6.x.

    SIPHook Windows Mobile Open-source

    • C, C++

    Show all keyboards in SIP menu when using HTC EzInput.

    ET9filter Windows Mobile Open-source

    • C, C++

    Input Method Editor (IME) that fixes Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 keyboard incompatibility with IMEEngine.

    Stopwatch Windows Mobile

    • C, C++

    A stopwatch for Dynamics ROM.

    TweakTool Windows Mobile

    • C#, VB.NET

    A tool to configure Dynamics ROMs.

    ResourcePacker Windows Mobile Open-source

    • VB.NET

    The tool can be used to pack resource-only files to a heavily reduced Portable Executable. That results in significant savings and may improve robustness on Windows Mobile 6.x devices by less exploitation of shared memory slots.

    DevHealthAnalyzer Windows Mobile Open-source

    • VB.NET

    The tool to analyze virtual memory on Windows Mobile 6.x. Moreover, it gives understanding what to and how to improve in order to get better software robustness. It can be used to determine the most memory-hungry libraries. Then you can reversmod them (reversmodded libraries reserve less ram than recmodded ones) or make r/w sections shared to improve situation.

    Package Size Analyzer Windows Mobile Open-source

    • VB.NET

    A tool to get the complete size of OSBuilder packages.

    Dynamics ROM Windows Mobile Highlights

    • C, C++, C#, VB.NET

    A well-known ROM series for HTC HD2 and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 which changes how devices work and feel.