Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis reseacher and startup founder

Projects - IoT projects

    Package Manager for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A custom package manager has been coded for a commercial router software. It was based on opkg, but supported many additional features.

    Containerization support for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A complete solution based on LXC has been written for commercial router. It was created with resource constraints in mind, so it actually could provide working containerization on a disk drive smaller than 30MB.

    OverlayFS support for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++, Bash

    OverlayFS support has been implemented in Linux-based router software package. While the OverlayFS itself is a kernel's feature, a lot of efforts were put into making it supported on a complete solution level, with booting process altered, security, secure erase and other levels sorted out.

    Docker MIPS feasibility research Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++, Go

    The Docker didn't have MIPS support back at that time, but the customer wanted to see it running. I investigated whether it is possible to port Docker (yes, it was), however, we stumbled upon Docker's design implications that prevented us from finishing the project.