Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis reseacher and startup founder

Projects - MIPS

    Isida Cybersecurity

    • C

    Small yet powerful device intrusion detection mechanism

    Arvore Cybersecurity, Static analysis

    • C

    Dynamic tree implementation which allows for advanced use cases - like state keeping.

    fmtparser Static analysis Open-source

    • C

    printf/scanf format parser

    Cast Uncategorized projects Open-source

    • Python

    Convert compile_commands.json to Atmel Studio projects

    Equid IDE integration Commercial EXTERNAL

    • Java

    Eclipse IDE integration for the Equid static analyzer.

    Build trace Static analysis EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A project that is tracing the build on Linux, Windows and Mac and prepares configuration for the static analysis.

    WiFi Mesh investigation Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    Find and fix numerous issues in a commercial WiFi Mesh implementation.

    Minimal Message Broker Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++, Python

    Message broker that can be installed to embedded software and used from Python test suite.

    Parslr Static analysis Open-source

    • Python

    Test ANTLR grammars and prepare JUnit result XML from results. Useful in CI.

    Static analysis testing ensemble Static analysis Active

    • Bash, Python

    Testing static analysis projects is hard. This project aims to serve as a bridge between Continuous Integration (CI) and Verification Example Framework (VEF).

    Builtinizer Static analysis Open-source

    • C++

    Recreate signatures of Clang's builtin functions.

    Verification Example Framework Static analysis Active Open-source

    • C, C++, RuC, Python

    The growing list of examples for C/C++/RuC analysis & verification. To be open sourced.

    Analysis Server Protocol Static analysis Active Highlights Open-source

    • C, C++

    The protocol that it is used to unite static analyzers and IDEs, not only for IDE tasks. Inspired by language server protocol

    Wireguard CLI Uncategorized projects Open-source

    • Python

    A simple console interface for adding peers to Wireguard configuration files.

    SLABInject Uncategorized projects Open-source

    • C

    Inject pages to SLAB caches in Linux. That may help improve performance and stability in memory-critical drivers in constrained environments.

    SECCOMP for legacy kernel Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    SECCOMP mechanism has been ported to older Linux to facilitate LXC integration.

    Package Manager for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A custom package manager has been coded for a commercial router software. It was based on opkg, but supported many additional features.

    OpenVPN solution for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A custom OpenVPN solution for Linux-based router software was architected, developed and made available publicly. Partially supports cryptography offloading and packet traffic acceleration.

    Containerization support for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    A complete solution based on LXC has been written for commercial router. It was created with resource constraints in mind, so it actually could provide working containerization on a disk drive smaller than 30MB.

    OverlayFS support for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++, Bash

    OverlayFS support has been implemented in Linux-based router software package. While the OverlayFS itself is a kernel's feature, a lot of efforts were put into making it supported on a complete solution level, with booting process altered, security, secure erase and other levels sorted out.

    Docker MIPS feasibility research Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++, Go

    The Docker didn't have MIPS support back at that time, but the customer wanted to see it running. I investigated whether it is possible to port Docker (yes, it was), however, we stumbled upon Docker's design implications that prevented us from finishing the project.

    WiFi driver fixes Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    Fixed multiple issues in Atheros and Intel (Metalink) WiFi drivers.

    DWC2 USB driver port Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    Ported DWC2 driver to a new platform, significantly improving stability and performance.

    Refactoring of USB Host Controller Driver Commercial EXTERNAL

    • Assembler, C, C++

    Host Controller Driver used in one of commercial SoCs has been fatally flawed. Fixing it was a major challenge, which required creation of a custom static analyzer.

    IPSec solution for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    An L2TP/L2TP+IPSec solution for Linux-based router software was architected, developed and made available publicly. It also works with partial cryptography and packet traffic acceleration.

    Certificate Store for router software Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    I've architected and implemented a complete certificate store module for commercial router, which supported certificate/private key generation, import/export, verification against a private key. Still used without major edits (as of 2022).

    Custom DynDNS client Commercial EXTERNAL

    • C, C++

    I've created a custom DynDNS client that is deployed to thousands of devices worldwide.