Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis researcher and software engineer

uTask Windows Mobile Highlights

A sophisticated softkey reassignment tool for Windows Mobile 6.5.x. Also, fix position of old application windows completely automatically.

Date: 2010-2011

Languages: C, C++, C#


Platforms: Windows Mobile 6.5.x (ARMv6, ARMv7)



  • Reassignment of virtual keys such as “Windows” and “X”.
  • Task Manager icon on “Today” screen.
  • Position Fix for old windows.

Language packs (thanks to translators!)

  • Russian
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian


v1.4 (release: 29.06.11, compilation date: 17.06.11)

  • Added classes list.
  • Minor changes.

v1.4 (26-Mar-11)

  • Fixed HVGA display detection.


  • Better today button behaviour.
  • Auto-resize of incorrect button images.
  • Bugfixes (bug with few HTCMenus versions, bug with EzInput on some devices).

Installer now shows error message if you try to install uTask on unsupported OS. Then, if system refuses to run after utask installation, try to start your phone two or three times. Perhaps, autodiagnostic system will disable utask. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a system backup.


  • More accurate vibration.
  • Increased timeout for clock hook.
  • Ability to create *.lnk in configurator
  • Minor changes.


  • Some fixes for position fix.
  • Configurator improvements.
  • Stability improvement.
  • Auto detector of problematic apps - seems like exception list is useless at the moment.
  • Taskbar clock hook - clock will have the same as home key function.
  • Implemented internal size/position cache. Should work better for all, especially HVGA devices.


  • Added immediate position fix.
  • Fixed all bugs found by community and author.
  • Added special menu for toolbars (hold finger on old-style toolbars and you’ll get an action menu).
  • Added “Open start menu” action.
  • SIP position fix (works for Swype, for example)
  • Support for two softkeys HDMini-like mode.
  • Settings were moved to new subkey called “Settings”