OSBuilder8: процесс разработки

It is russian version of the article. Look below for english version. Это русскоязычная версия статьи. Англоязычная версия расположена здесь: OSBuilder8: The Process Русскоязычная версия статьи не рекомендуется к цитированию, так как является лишь вольным переводом указанной выше статьи. Я обычно не публикую подробности о проектах, находящихся в активной (посмеялся) разработке. Но я решил напомнить читателям, что я всё ещё жив.
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OSBuilder8: development

It is english version of article. Russian version is located here: OSBuilder8: процесс разработки Usually I don't post any details of projects being actively (haha) developed. But this time I decided to do that just to let you know that I am still alive. So, it all started with a simple idea: what about transferring OSBuilder's rom building experience to Windows Phone 8? Huh, important consideration here: there are not that many devices that can take an advantage of custom ROM. Huawei W1, 8X/8S (theoretically), Ativ S are on the top of the list.
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Dynamics 2.0 anniversary

Hi all. Time passes by, we get older, and so do our projects. One year ago we released Dynamics 2.0 ROM. It is so far the biggest ROM project for Windows Phone we ever created. Just a statistics taken from XDA: HTC Titan: 2.0 6955 downloads 2.2 1964 downloads HTC Radar 2.0 5330 downloads 2.2 547 downloads 2.21 1205 downloads HTC HD2 2.0 > 30000 downloads 2.2 3045 downloads 2.21 11584 downloads HTC Mozart 2.0 9518 downloads 2.2 1877 downloads Samsung Omnia 7 2.0 22813 downloads 2.2 1007 downloads Nokia Lumia 710 2.0.1 10030 downloads 2.1 20199 downloads 2.2 8139 downloads Nokia Lumia 800 2.0.1 14276 downloads 2.2 3800 downloads ... Obviously with WP8 release Windows Phone 7 rom cooking age is coming to an end. We aren't going to continue this project. But don't worry, we have so many amazing projects in mind so that you won't disappointed. teaser Thanks to all users and supporters!

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