Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis reseacher and startup founder

CMake to Microchip Studio project file generation Announcements

One big issue with refactorings of projects used in companies is that people get used to some software. There are many people who stick to Windows 7 when Windows 10/11 is quite a good replacement. I liked Visual Studio 2008 way more than Visual Studio 2010 back in time because it was way faster. If you want to replace the build system, the problem is even harder. How to promote a new build system, while keeping the benefits of older IDE?

I’ve seen the need to support Microchip (Atmel) Studio project generation for CMake projects. I’ve tested alternatives like a third-party generator for CMake, but it was hard to deploy in practice.

Is there anything easier to deploy than a small Python script? I doubt so. So, I’ve created a simple Python project called Cast (Compile Commands to Atmel Studio converter). As the tool’s name suggests, it can be used for any project producing compile_commands.json, not only CMake ones.

If you add a Makefile wrapper for your build system, you will be able to build from within Microchip Studio as well.

Help improve the tool if you feel it is handy for you!