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Reverse engineering software, devices and science.

Cognitive load reduction as a debugging aid

What are the biggest issues when debugging large projects? At some point, you notice...

Maxim Menshikov 07.04.2021

Implicit knowledge breaks your software

Software engineering practices is what built the industry we know. It is always critical...

Maxim Menshikov 21.03.2021

How learning Linux makes you a better programmer

From time to time I hear complaints from newcomers that nobody needs Linux since...

Maxim Menshikov 28.02.2021

Does programming have anything to do with mathematics?

Mathematics was very different centuries ago due to another widespread notation. The notation changed...

Maxim Menshikov 24.02.2021

Faulty keyboard joins scientific index

Keyboard on my laptop often misses "E" keypress, so I have to be extra...

Maxim Menshikov 08.02.2021

Dell XPS 15 9560 and Samsung 980 Pro SSD

Just a friendly reminder that XPS 15 9560 (2017) works great with Samsung 980...

Maxim Menshikov 07.02.2021

Escape from Windows 10

I am not much dependent on operating system: I have been using Linux distributions...

ultrashot 26.05.2016

OpenSWAN tips and tricks

IPSec is a nice technology providing secure access to other subnets or hosts. Recently...

Maxim Menshikov 30.04.2016

OSBuilder8: процесс разработки

It is russian version of the article. Look below for english version. Это русскоязычная версия статьи. Англоязычная версия расположена здесь: OSBuilder8: The Process Русскоязычная версия статьи не рекомендуется к цитированию, так как является лишь вольным переводом указанной выше статьи. Я обычно не публикую подробности о проектах, находящихся в активной (посмеялся) разработке. Но я решил напомнить читателям, что я всё ещё жив.

ultrashot 26.03.2014

OSBuilder8: development

It is english version of article. Russian version is located here: OSBuilder8: процесс разработки Usually I don't post any details of projects being actively (haha) developed. But this time I decided to do that just to let you know that I am still alive. So, it all started with a simple idea: what about transferring OSBuilder's rom building experience to Windows Phone 8? Huh, important consideration here: there are not that many devices that can take an advantage of custom ROM. Huawei W1, 8X/8S (theoretically), Ativ S are on the top of the list.

ultrashot 25.03.2014

How it works: Full Unlock (WP7)

It is english version of article. Russian version is located here: Как это работает: Full Unlock (WP7) Have you been wondering how full unlock for Windows Phone 7 works? I've been asked multiple times, but it seems like right time to talk about has just came. Unfortunately, Full Unlock source code isn't released and never will be. However, here is a little walk around the underlying code.

ultrashot 01.02.2014

Как это работает: Full Unlock (WP7)

Это русскоязычная версия статьи. Англоязычная версия расположена здесь: How it works: Full Unlock (WP7). Русскоязычная версия статьи не рекомендуется к цитированию, так как является лишь переводом указанной выше статьи Интересовались ли вы когда-нибудь, как работает Full Unlock ("Полная разблокировка") для Windows Phone 7? Меня много раз спрашивали об этом, но, кажется, время рассказать это пришло только сейчас. Статья рассчитана не на программистов/хакеров и так далее. Думаю, суть сможет понять любой более-менее подготовленный пользователь ПК.

ultrashot 01.02.2014

Merry Christmas!/Happy new year!/whatever

I decided to write one-for-all post about year results. Not that russians celebrate Christmas - but since most of readers do, that would be a better idea to write it now :)

ultrashot 24.12.2013

Dynamics 2.0 anniversary

Hi all. Time passes by, we get older, and so do our projects. One...

ultrashot 24.11.2013

Major giveaway

Finally I found time to upload most of source codes of latest projects. Unfortunately,...

ultrashot 25.10.2013

Windows 8.1 RTM

Preview->RTM upgrade way is a boring topic to discuss. I am more wondering why...

Maxim Menshikov 21.10.2013

Hello, world!

Finally I decided to spend some time setting up website for all my developments....

Maxim Menshikov 13.10.2013