Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis researcher and software engineer

Windows Mobile Device Center launcher for Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 Open-source

Do you miss fast & stable Windows Phone 7 File Managers and Registry Editors for PC? If you do, that's is a new approach for you. Launch ported Windows Mobile Device Center binaries.

Date: 2011-2012

Languages: C, C++, C#, Assembler


Platforms: Windows Phone 7

Devices: HTC, Nokia, Samsung, ...


Prebuilt packages

Image 1

Image 2

What’s it?

Windows Mobile Device Center/ActiveSync are legacy applications made by Microsoft. They provide an access to file system, registry, … let’s say, they provide full remote access to connected phone’s features.

What’s this launcher for?

Main purpose of this application is to enable Remote API support on device. PC will detect phone as Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 device simultaneously. Zune will still work.

Supported applications

  • File managers. Almost every file manager that has WM support will work on WP7. Nice examples: Windows Explorer, Resco SendTo plugin (part of Resco File Explorer installation), CE Remote Tools File Manager, Altap Salamander, etc
  • Registry Editors: CE Remote Tools Registry Editor, CeRegEdit, Registry Workshop.
  • Most of CE Remote Tools work.
  • Native debugging.
  • Many more apps are supported.

What’s missing

There is no contacts/file/calendar/etc synchronization. PC may still offer it but it won’t work.

Note about debugging

IDA debugger also should work after a bit of editing magic.

Custom ROM usage

In 2012, the usage was free but limited. You had to ask me for permission (it was for tracking, it was given all the time). As of now, usage in custom ROMs is free and unlimited.