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ELFPack projects


Modify builtin player appearance.

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    c, elf, elfpack, sony ericsson

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  • Platforms:

    Sony Ericsson

  • Supported devices:

    All DB2010, DB2020, A2

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  • Redraw vertical and horizontal player views

  • Enable horizontal view via button or accelerometer.

  • Show title, album, artist, year, genre, bitrate, frequency, current position, total time, time left, track number, track count

  • Show icons for title, artist, album, play/stop mode, equalizer, player mode, repeat mode, extended stereo mode.

  • Show cover art

  • Support many encodings. You need file encoding.bin in Config/WalkmanDisplay folder for that.

  • A few hinting types.

  • Possibility to hide soft keys in any display orientation.

  • Possibility to set string redraw rectangles

  • Icons can be taken from firmware or from external sources



  • Bcfg loading errors

  • Fixed crash when playing sound files by clicking in the file manager

  • Add volume control

  • Automatic migration from 2.0 (ENG/RUS) configuration file to 2.1 (ENG/RUS)

  • Minor changes

Prebuilt binaries