Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis reseacher and startup founder

Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Phone 7 port Windows Phone 7 Highlights Open-source

Opera Mobile 10 wasn't released for Windows Phone 7, but it was implemented through API emulation layer.

Date: 2011-2012

Languages: Assembler, C, C++


Platforms: Windows Phone 7

Devices: All unlocked


Prebuilt packages


Opera Mobile is a property of Opera Software ASA. Neither Opera Software nor the author of this launcher are responsible for any damage caused using this app.


  • What is it? That’s Opera Mobile 10 initially built for Windows Mobile. I’ve just added an extra layer that makes it running.
  • Why does it only work on fully unlocked ROMs (like Dynamics ROM)? Isn’t developer/interop unlock enough to run it? Can it work with Root Tools? Developer unlock will let you install xap. Interop unlock will let inbuilt interop library work. Full unlock or Root Tools unlock will let Opera native exe run.
  • Which ROMs should I use? Almost all custom ROMs (based on either Dynamics or DFT) or stock ROMs compatible with WP7 Root Tools.
  • What’s countdown made for? Press “Stop” and find more options available.
  • When I press “Stop”, there is a “Delete internal opera folders” button. Why is it here? I can delete this app like any other WP application… The reason is that Opera launcher goes beyond the standard isolated store. For example, it creates “\Program Files\Opera Mobile 10” folder. Also it adds some absent libraries to \Windows. If you delete Opera launcher “like any other WP application”, folders beyond the sandbox will still stay there. So, use “Delete internal Opera folders” button wisely.

Problems starting it up

  • If Opera launcher’s window doesn’t appear at all, it means there is no Interop Unlock.
  • If it throws an error with “Check your unlock state” in the end, it means unlock level isn’t enough for running native executables/copying files.



  • Better user experience.
  • Root Tools support.


  • Application window gets recreated on the startup if Opera was already opened.
  • Got rid of WindowTreeUpdater, now using system functions directly.
  • Font smoothing.
  • Removed some unneeded system calls.
  • Now timeout is 3 seconds.
  • Virtual keyboard (SIP) support improved.
  • Rotation support wasn’t implemented in this version. Windows Phone 7 API doesn’t support it in fully native apps.