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Windows Phone 7

Native Debugger for Windows Phone 7

Bring native debugging experience to Windows Phone 7.

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    arm, asm, c, cpp, csharp, wp7

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  • Programming languages:

    ARM assembler, C, C++

  • Platforms:

    Windows Phone 7

  • Supported devices:

    HTC, Nokia, Samsung, ...

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  • Debugging of native executables.

  • You can use almost all CE Remote Tools. Limitations: CERemoteSpy can't setup a window hook (thanks MS for abandoning slot-based virtual memory system) Process Viewer can't get list of processes


  • Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Mobile 6 Pro SDK installed.

  • If you also have Visual Studio 2010 + Windows Phone 7 SDK, most likely you won't be able to use debugger in VS2008. To fix this issue, copy attached edm2.exe to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\SmartDevices\Debugger\target\wce400\armv4i (probably without x86 postfix in Program Files path) (Just to note - this edm2.exe isn't "special for ce7". It works on WM6 device too).

  • You should have full unlock on your phone.

How to use

  • Sideload NativeDebugger.xap to phone.

  • Run it, wait until IP list appears.

  • In VS2008: Tools->Options. Then change IP to

Prebuilt binaries