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ELFPack projects


Native ELF for Sony Ericsson devices which could be used to execute scenarios by date & time, GPS location and more.

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    c, elf, elfpack, sony ericsson

  • Date:


  • Programming languages:


  • Platforms:

    Sony Ericsson feature phones

  • Supported devices:

    DB2010, DB2020, A2

Open Website


  • Set volume/ringtone

  • Change vibration settings

  • Set wallpaper

  • Turn off/turn on color LEDs (on SE W580)

  • Enable silent mode.

  • Run Java applications

  • Run shortcuts

  • Run other ELFs.

  • Perform voice call

  • Change schedule


  • Time, time spans.

  • Week days

  • Specific date

  • Base station ID (miniGPS)

Indication kinds

  • LEDs

  • Vibration

  • Sound/ringtone

Other features

  • Unicode support (up to what phone supports)

  • A few interface languages

  • A distinct process for event date/time calculation, which improves performance

Prebuilt binaries


The project was originally created by the author with nickname “PSIX”, who reportedly died in the accident in 2008. I had some inspiring technical discussions with him shortly before that event. His source codes were lost, but I decided to recreate the project and extend it in memory of this outstanding developer.