Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis researcher and software engineer


Change 2-button softkey layout to 3-button (like in newer Sony Ericsson A2 phones like K850, W995)

Date: 2008-2009

Languages: C

Platforms: Sony Ericsson

Devices: DB2010, DB2020


Prebuilt packages


  • Redraw soft key area
  • Emulate A2 (3-button) softkey layout


  • You must install patch for enhanced rendering of softkeys
  • To change appearance of softkeys automatically, please use ThemeUnpacker project.
  • B2010 support is not perfect: A2 themes are not supportd, horizontal mode is not always possible, slow on K750/W800, probably better on W810)



  • Fix redundant “Cancel” in some cases
  • Minor fixes


  • Minor stability fixes


  • Refactored code, more robust and stable
  • DB2010 support
  • BCFG removed (SoftEdit added)
  • Change settings on the fly via SoftEdit.
  • New modes: A2 style, A1 (standard) style, A1 (emulated) style.
  • Added new effects
  • Yes/No windows now have “Back” action on “C” button
  • Fixed inactive soft key appearance
  • Fixed inoperability of softkeys with locked keyboard
  • Fixed appearance in cases when there are three keys by default
  • Fixed standby mode wallpaper


Thanks to IronMaster and 2007KrasH for function finding. Thanks to Sic for patch creation.