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About me

Who am I, my skills and research interests

I am Maxim Menshikov, the researcher and software engineer.

I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.

My passion is developing a static analysis framework and all the infrastructure around it. Besides that, I have spent many years in reverse engineering (with a minor part of results presented in @ultrashot GitHub account).

Today, my mission is to improve static analysis experience. Follow me for the updates on that direction!



  • I've coded hundreds of tools for various mostly undocumented platforms

  • I can handle very large projects with many contributors

  • I am developing a static analyzer to cope with existing industrial problems.



  • Developing applications for various platforms.

  • System programming

  • Reverse engineering


Research interests

  • Improving static analysis.

  • Development tools (IDEs, debuggers, ...).

  • High-performance computing and virtualization.