I am Maxim Menshchikov from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
I am a programming enthusiast since early childhood. At the moment, I am an engineer in software development company and a student in Saint Petersburg State University. Happily married 🙂

For quite a long time I have been reverse-engineering mobile phones and smartphones, bringing custom ROMs and unusual native applications to mobile platforms.

In 2013, I joined IT security company, and in 2014 I decided to concentrate on embedded sector: Linux, low-level development and all this.
However, I am not limited to mentioned platforms – I have an experience in ARM, MIPS reverse-engineering; C/C++/C#/Web development; kernel development (for both Windows and Linux); cloud services; as well as heavy maths-requiring calculations, and many other things I couldn’t easily remember. I believe a project list on this site can give a certain overview.

In free time I like doing my own programming projects. My favourite sports are horse-riding and biking, and I am an owner of few horses, so I like to breathe fresh air.

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About Me

About Me

I am a software engineer interested in static analysis field research.