Maxim Menshikov

Static analysis researcher and software engineer

Major giveaway Announcements

Finally I found time to upload most of source codes of latest projects. Unfortunately, uploading of all projects isn’t possible due to technical and ethical reasons, but if you feel like %projectname% is missing, let me know.

Windows 8.1 RTM Thoughts

Preview->RTM upgrade way is a boring topic to discuss. I am more wondering why Microsoft couldn’t implement it as incremental update automatically installable via Windows Update. Instead, typical long installation is required. And the first try was unsuccessful at all (until I updated certain drivers).

Hello, world! Life

Finally I decided to spend some time setting up website for all my developments. Some of you may know me as ultrashot from, some may be aware of my previous Sony Ericsson ELFPack-related R&D activities. No matter from where you know me, this website is a new place for me to share news and thoughts. I will try to shed some light on future developments (hopefully) not forgetting about previous projects. It might be served as a detailed look at project implementation, flashback to the history of developments, or anything else you ask me to write about.

Overall, I look forward to making this blog “must read” one.

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